About Me


AROH Registered Homeopath, AdvDip Homeopathy
Former CPA & MIPA Qualified Public Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, BBus

I was born in Japan and migrated to Australia when I was 23 years old. Soon after I was married and together with my husband raised three beautiful children.


Difficult life events led me to follow my passion to help people to live a healthy happy life. I lost my husband suddenly in 2010 from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, one of my daughters was diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia, had two surgeries, and suffered from teen depression in 2011. My other daughter had an eating disorder before being diagnosed with bipolar in 2012. The loss, grief and diseases in my family challenged me a lot, however while I was going through difficult times I discovered a greater power; that there is something more than we can see and science can prove.


When I found Homeopathy I was so thrilled and amazed by the philosophy & the efficacy of it. I started my study straight away – the health science degree in Homeopathy in 2011 where I studied Chemistry and Biochemistry, Human Biology, Microbiology, Clinical Enquiry, Psychology & Counseling, History of Healing, and then changed the course to Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy in 2014, which was more concentrated in practical homeopathy. I completed the course in 2015 to become a registered homeopath.


Along side of my study I have experienced an amazing past life regression therapy and understanding something beyond helped me to stay strong and follow my passion. I learned Reiki and Kinesiology over the years and tried different healing methods too. I have not stopped my 12 years of Yoga practice and meditation that supported me immensely during the hard times. I am keen to learn more healing methods and holistic approaches that will assist the true healing in people.


While I continue to manage my successful accounting business, I am passionate to establish a multimodality clinic and Retreat Centre in Australia where people come and visit to heal and retrieve their health and find their soul happiness. “My mission is to meet people and touch and share their lives to help promoting health and well-being of individuals that lead to a happy healthy community. I assist each individual to find their purpose in life through my consultations.”


My other face as an accountant and tax agent: I started my business degree in 1998 and completed a Bachelor degree in Accounting in 2004 then became CPA and Registered Tax Agent. After working at a small accounting office on the Gold Coast, I established my own accounting practice and managed the business over the last 7 years.


Nakano Accountants is providing accounting and taxation services to local and remote small businesses and individuals. Our service includes assisting bookkeeping, BAS reports, financial reports, taxation for individuals and companies, and business consultation & advisory service. I also run seminars and workshops to assist people for establishing small businesses, minimizing tax, promoting healthy mindset for successful business in Gold Coast and in other cities.


As I have passion in health & healing industry I am very passionate about assisting health professionals and therapists to establish their own businesses as well. I can offer individualised consultation to help choosing the right business structure and selecting the best suited accounting software, bookkeeping system to help establishing your business. Please visit Nakano Accountants if you are interested in my business consultation.